REALTOR®, Victoria, BC


"Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jordy! This has been a short, but very wild ride... and we are looking forward to completing the journey with these great purchasers you found."

Lisa & John, Victoria, BC

"Thank you Jordy, for absolutely everything! If it weren't for your brilliance, we wouldn't have been able to get our dream house that we have been fantasizing about for over a year! You're the very best, and absolutely amazing at what you do!"

T.S., Victoria, BC

"Thanks for everything Jordy, you were wonderful to work with! I will recommend you to all of my friends who are looking for an amazing Realtor."

Jennifer, Victoria, BC

"Jordy was recommended to us by a friend and we could not be more grateful. We have bought and sold several houses over the past years but have never before experienced the level of commitment and integrity that Jordy maintained from beginning to end. Jordy was extremely well informed about every house that we viewed, able to point out their strengths as well as their limitations, and attentive to detail. Most importantly, he was empathetic to our needs and we always knew he had our best interest at heart."

J & G Milne Victoria, BC

"...I got one heck of a great place, and I owe it all to my amazing Realtor, Jordy."

Dianne M, Victoria, BC

"What can I say but, wow! Fantastic! Thanks so much Jordy. This is a good today for me and my family. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

J.M. Victoria, BC

"Jordy, your personable and professional style put you well ahead of any other Realtor I've ever worked with... Thank you!"

M.B. Victoria, BC

"Thanks for all your hard work Jordy and for making this a seamless transition!"

R & C Victoria, BC

"We could not have asked for a more professional and efficient realtor. Both the sale of our property and purchase of our condo went quickly and without issue.

We both have a lot of respect for Jordy and will certainly utilize his services again. Neither my husband nor I would hesitate referring Jordy Harris to anyone who may be looking to buy or sell property. Jordy made the transition to our new life easy."

Les & Marilyn Tipton, Victoria, BC

"As I've come to expect from dealing with Jordy, he delivered great customer service in a friendly and dependable manner. In my opinion, I think the reason Jordy stands out is because he truly cares about his clients and does his utmost to serve their interests. Jordy's long career in sales and customer service shines through in his innovative and creative approach to real estate marketing."

B. Robertson, Victoria, BC

" have the gifts of responsibility and integrity, and a remarkable skill that you have developed for service. You make me want to be in the development business again."

David Butterfield, Victoria, BC

"Thank you so much Jordy, you have given us the best service of any realtor I've ever dealt with and I continue to be surprised by your thoroughness, extra-mile attitude and by how much you have our best interest at heart..."

J & L Lounsbury, Victoria, BC

"Jordy, thank you so much for all your hard work, you were amazing with us, as first time buyers. Knowing that you were handling it all, helped us immensely."

R. Clark & J. Lee

"We truly appreciate the kind and very efficient way you have dealt with the sale of our home...we have been particularly impressed by your friendliness and understanding..."

Dr & Mrs G. Dixon

"I am relieved that it is sold and with so few complications, thankful for your professionalism, wisdom and very personable nature… this would not have happened without you."

Sue & Sam, Victoria, BC